Elegant Rose - Double Heart It's Adewood!
It's Adewood!
Just sharing stuff I like..... Enjoy! IG: @adebaybee D.O.C: 25/05/2013 xxx

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Kanye West - Flight School
Shit, these last years been a haze like Isaac/ So I close my eyes tighter than Asian eyes get/ Realized I got the same wings angels fly with/ With Louie Vutton feathers, now that some fly shit
It’s obvious that Kanye has made a huge impact in the rap world.  He went from the backpacker to the Louis Vuitton Don. Makes complete sense that he sees himself as a blessed angel.  Only his wings are not feathers and wax like Icarus.  This guy got LV wings.
So does that make Louis Vuitton the Daedalus of rap?
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Bre Scullark ❤ @brescullark Photo Credit: @feellixx
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